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Development Committee

Currently this committee is inactive, but we are looking to build it.
We are taking committee applications at this time.

The Chinook Indian Nation Development Committee is composed of five
Chinook Tribe members who have agreed to volunteer their time to research
and develop funding opportunities and make recommendations to the Tribal
Council those which they feel will improve the financial position of the
Tribe and ensure the fiscal health of the Chinook Indian Nation into the

• The Development Committee will establish fundraising goals for the
annual budget and prepare the annual fundraising plan for the Tribe.

• The Development Committee is not entirely responsible for fundraising on
its own. The committee will determine who will be responsible for each
specific fundraising activity and monitor their performance.

• The Development Committee will be responsible for reviewing the results
and evaluating the effectiveness of each fundraising activity compared to
the fundraising plan and report back to the Tribal Council on a regular

Development Committee Members:
Jane Pulliam
Jeremy Wekell